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    • Greetings everyone! We are excited to announce our latest Easter Event, which brings with it the opportunity to get your hands on some brand new tier 1 attack styles for free, as well as the chance to hunt down rare Chocco chickens and collect Easter Eggs. The Easter Bunny will be making a special appearance this year, and will be offering players a free tier 1 attack style of their choice. This means that you can choose from Magic, Melee or Ranged and start battling with a new set of items that will help you in your quest! To upgrade to Tier 2 or Tier 3, players will need to exchange their Easter Eggs with the Easter Bunny. These Easter Eggs can be found all over the Wilderness, and can be collected by hunting down Chocco chickens. These special chickens are the key to the Easter Event, and players who successfully hunt them down will be rewarded with Easter Eggs, Easter tokens (2023), and some have a drop table that guarantees at least 10,000,000 Blood money! There is even a rare chance of a superior creature spawning from the melted chickens! However, be warned that Chocco chickens are a tricky foe, and players will need to bring their best gear and combat skills to take them down. But the rewards are well worth the effort! And for those who are lucky enough to find a Golden Goose Egg, they will be in for an extra special treat. These eggs are incredibly rare, and will give players additional rewards and bonuses that are sure to help them in their adventures. So, sharpen your swords, polish your wands, and get ready to hunt down some Chocco chickens and collect Easter Eggs. The Easter Event is sure to be a fun and exciting experience for all players, and we can't wait to see you all in the Wilderness!   Chocco chickens: Chocco chickens can only be found past level 5 Wilderness, your Nifflers WILL NOT work against Chocco chickens.   Common Uncommon: Rare Super rare Superior   Collecting Eggs   2023-03-30 10-48-38.mp4  Similarly to Chocco Chickens, Easter Eggs also spawn inside of the Wilderness, past level, here is a map of all the possible locations eggs can spawn (randomly) as well as chickens.   When a Chicken or Egg tries to spawn on-top of lava, water or on-top of non-walkable objects, they instantly despawn and respawn themselves, chickens and eggs both have a respawn timer of 200 Seconds, where they will spawn elsewhere in the Wilderness. Easter Weapons Easter wapons are required to kill any of the Event NPCs or Bosses, the higher the Tier the more damaging the weapon becomes, in some cases faster too! Bows (requires no ammo) Tier 1 Tier 2: Tier 3   Swords: Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Staffs (Autocasts own spell) Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 The ultimate Easter weapon! (can only be unlocked, after unlocking all other weapons) 2 Tick, magic autocast, dealing huge damage.
    • Give me space! As an apology for the downtime later (and the uncertainty of length), I've noticed recently people complaining about the lack of bank space... So when the server comes back online from the maintenance, your bank spaces will have been increased from 816 to 1,000 with the ability to either donate and purchase Bank Boosters, buy with vote points, or boss points. bank boosters will increase your bank space by 50 each time and a maximum of 20 can be used per an account (bringing your bank space up-to 2,000). Note: Bank booster (item) is kept on death.   Curses changes Curses are now unlocked for everyone, anyone who had previously unlocked curses have been refunded the Blood soaked book, and have automatically had Anguish and Torment unlocked.  The blood soaked book can be used to unlock Anguish and Torment. The tournament system will now change you off Curses when: when you no longer meet the defence requirement This is done IF:  Your defence is set to under 30  Your Prayer level is set to below 95. You can now switch to and from Ancient Curses at the Altar at home.   Pendant changes: Sanguine pendants (Ench pendant and Sanguine ornament kit) offers same stats as Ench pendant Blood fury effect (all combat styles) 12.5% Damage buff to Sang bow/Scythe  No pendant vs pendant: Ancient pendant (All zenytes (or), sanguine pendant and ancient signet)  Heal effect  25% Damage increase with Ancient bow, Scythe  reduce prayer drain rate by 25% (Regular prayers)  reduce prayer drain rate by 50% (Curses)  12.5% Damage buff to Sang bow/Scythe No pendant vs Pendant   Niffler changes (all variants)   The niffler was working as how it was intended for Runique, and was not returned back to the original functionality of Ancestral, the following changes have been made Update Fused niffler to act like a regular niffler (with 56 slots) instead of 28 (items lost on death)  Update blighted niffler to act like a fused niffler (items kept on death, storage cap 56)  Nifflers (of all varieties) will no longer collect spawnable items. Picking up your niffler no longer protects your nifflers items on Death. Fused niffler now drops items on death   Gambling ban system   The Gambling ban system will ban your PC from being able to participate in Gambling, you can ban yourself by speaking to "Tramp" who will be walking around the Duel Arena and Flower Poker areas saying "Say neigh to gambling". Banning yourself from Gambling is free and you will not be able to lift your gambling ban you can set it in minute intervals, hours, days or permanent. Gambling bans can also be applied by Staff Members upon request, Moderators and above can lift self applied Gambling Bans, but your request will be sorted whenever it can.   2023-03-27 07-04-22.mp4 Voidwaker and Corrupted voidwaker Firstly, the Korasi's swords will be changed to Voidwaker and a corrupted variant will be replacing the existing Blessed korasi's sword. An issue with both variants of the Voidwaker has also been patched, that required you to protect Melee instead of Magic. Voidwaker parts can be obtained from Superior wilderness bosses (Black, hit, gem) aswell as from King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental and Scorpia, and used on a Blade of Saeldor to create the Voidwalker, and an Ancient Icon to make the corrupted variant. Voidwaker Corrupted voidwaker Pieces   Webweaver Bow, the Accursed Sceptre, the Ursine Chainmace These items will be replacing Dark sage's staff, Sarkis bow and Viggora's chainmace, these items can be forged only in the Wilderness. All Totemic souls will be replaced with Claws of Callisto. All Sarkis souls will be replaced with Fangs of Venenatis. All Dark sage's souls will be replaced with Skull of Vet’ion. Webweaver bow Webweaver bow can be created by using Fangs of Venenatis on a Craw's bow (c) The webweaver bow stacks on-top of Sarkis, passive (1% Damage and Accuracy increase for each level of the Wilderness) Ursine chainmace Ursine chainmace can be created by using Claws of Callisto on a Viggora's chainmace (c) The Ursine chainmace stacks on-top of Totemic, passive (1% Damage and Accuracy increase for each level of the Wilderness) Accursed sceptre Accursed sceptre can be created by using Skull of Vet'ion on a Thammaron's sceptre (c)  The Accursed sceptre stacks on-top of Dark sage, passive (1% Damage and Accuracy increase for each level of the Wilderness, auto-casts similar to Tumeken's shadow, Tridents and Sanguinesti staffs) This weapon also offers an additional passive effect of dealing AOE Damage to Monsters only.   Venator bow Venator bow can now be obtained, this drop is dropped exclusively by Nex and Nex AOD. The bow will drop as an uncharged state, and can be fully repaired with 5 Venator shards which can be gained from any boss inside of the Wilderness. Venator bow passive effect(s) PvM When in a Multi-way combat area you will be able to ricochet your arrows to surrounding monsters. PvP When in a Multi-way combat area (and skulled) you will be able to ricochet your arrows to surrounding players. Ancient Icon  Ancient icon is a drop from Galvek, Everlasting, Glough, Nex and Nightmare. You can combine 2 Ancient icons to create an Ancient signet at the Forge, under Misc. You can add Ancient icons to Sanguine pendants to create Ancient pendant. You can use the Ancient icon to create a Saturated heart, this has a heft cost, but is auto-keep, untradeable.   Saturated Heart The saturated heart acts as an Overload outside of the Wilderness. The saturated heart acts as Super combat potion inside of the Wilderness, periodically restoring your stats back to 118 (including range and magic) Creating the heart requires: Overflowing heart Twisted heart Infernal heart Imbued heart   Bug fixes: Voidwaker (previously Korasi) now requires you to Protect from Magic/Deflect from Magic instead of Melee. Protect item on Curses now works as intended. Applied fixes to Forge. QOL Changes: Overloads will no longer expire upon logout, it will resume upon login. You can now change to Curses at the Altar at home. Tournaments will now change your off Curses if you no longer meet the requirements Content changes: Imbued ancient staff is now "Ancient sceptre", has the same stats as Toxic staff (i) (including Venom) and has the following passive effect: Blood spells heal 10% More. Ice spells last 10% Longer. Shadow spells drain attack by 16% rather than 10%. Smoke spells now deal poison for longer. Blood money prices adjusted for: Pernix Virtus Sanguine pendant Zaros pendant Legacy shop will now only sell Legacy bonds. Legacy tickets are now untradeable Legacy bonds no longer give tickets or other rewards, just progress towards your next rank. AFK Guard removed. Hourly boxes removed. The following items can now be forged at the Forge: Infernal max cape (green) Infernal max cape (ice) Infernal max cape (green) Infernal max cape (magma) Infernal max cape (pink) Infernal max cape (rainbow)
    • An update regarding the connectivity issues to the Game Server. OVH and I have scheduled maintenance for our Dedicated Server at 8AM BST, this will 8am Game time, BST Starts on Sunday 26th, so please bare in mind (Day time savings), The server will be switched off at 6AM for myself conduct backups of all valuable data (around 150GB of Backups). Please note this is on Monday, the 27th of March and OVH Maintenance on our Server begins at 9am, estimated down time is currently uknown.
    • The following combat changes have taken place:   Recently it’s come to my attention that some old and new items are just way too overpowered, and some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of new pets with special effects coming into the game. So here’s some details about some items and there proposed changes: Previously, equipping Sarkis, Dark sage, and Totemic items would increase both damage and accuracy by 45%. However, this has now changed. Equipping all three pieces will now give a combined increase of 22.5%, with 10% for the body, 5% for the head gear, and 7.5% for the legs. Additionally, for each level of Wilderness you are in, you will receive an extra 1% boost to both accuracy and damage. Scythes were updated in the past to hit 3 times on all targets, regardless of their size (except in PvP). However, the original intention was for Scythes to hit once on a mob with a size of 1x1, twice on a mob with a size of 2x2, and three times on a mob 3x3 or bigger. Going forward, Scythes will function as originally intended, in order to bring new one-handed and two-handed PvM items into the game, in addition to these changes, all scythes will have their stats decreased to match the regular Scythe of Vitur, however the following buffs will be applied:   Holy scythe of vitur Each additional hit will hit +1, this means you can never hit a 0 (unless the Combat script negates melee damage, these are to your original attack, meaning these are not modified by other attack multipliers. On 1x1 NPC’s: Minimum hit: 1 On 2x2 NPC’s: Minimum hit: 2 On 3x3 NPC’s or bigger : Minimum hit 3 Sanguine scythe of vitur   25% Accuracy buff Each additional hit will hit +2, this means you can never hit a 0 (unless the Combat script negates melee damage, these are to your original attack, meaning these are not modified by other attack multipliers. On 1x1 NPC’s: Minimum hit: 2 On 2x2 NPC’s: Minimum hit: 4 On 3x3 NPC’s or bigger: Minimum hit 6 Ancient scythe of vitur 37.5% Accuracy buff Each additional hit will hit +3, this means you can never hit a 0 (unless the Combat script negates melee damage, these are to your original attack, meaning these are not modified by other attack multipliers. On 1x1 NPC’s: Minimum hit: 3 On 2x2 NPC’s: Minimum hit: 6 On 3x3 NPC’s or bigger: Minimum hit 9 A similar change has been made to Twisted bows, all variants of Twisted bows will hit once on all NPC’s with a size of 1x1, Sanguine and Ancient twisted bows can hit twice on 2x2 NPCs (or in the case of Sanguine twisted bow 2x2 or bigger) and Ancient twisted bow can hit three times on 3x3 NPCs or bigger. Twisted bows (i) have a accuracy buff of 25% over Twisted bow and are no longer auto-kept. Curses changes: Sap curses have been removed. Anguished (ranged version of Turmoil has been added) Requires rigour Torment (magic version of Turmoil) has been added Requires augury Berserker now requires Preserve to be unlocked.   Osmumten fang changes: Osmumten's fang now has a 20% Chance to ignore your targets defence. Osmumtens fang will now always hit between 15% and 85% of your True Max hit, providing the hit is accurate (i.e not 0)   Range changes: Masori and Masori (f) have been updated, Masori still acts as the inbetween Armadyl and Pernix, and (F) variant still sits above Pernix. In addition to this, all bolt specials have been modified, this means you can no longer pop off 90+ with Dragonstone bolts in PvP (Ruby bolt spec in PvM has been increased from 100 to 120 with ZCB also). Other changes: Enchanted pendant has been changed to be all Zenytes in-one, Ancient pendant has been updated to be all Zenytes (or) in one, both do not currently include the ring of suffering, this could be a niche change in the future. Custom elder maul stats changed Corrupted crystal boosts altered. The following Special Attacks have been altered: - Korasi's sword now requires 50% and works as intended. - Blessed korasi's sword now requires 50%, works as intended (10% Stronger then Korasi, decrease your opponents Magic by damage deal). The following have received fixes: - Abyssal bludgeon - Abyssal Dagger - Crystal halberd - Dragon claws - Dragon daggers - Dragon halberd   Page changes: Page one is now: 1/16 (Raids) Page two is now: 1/64 (Chests) Page three is now: is unchanged Page four is now: 1/10 from PvP or 1/4 from Tournaments Page five is now: Unchanged.
    • Login system improvements New task manager Overall clean up on restartable tasks Discord logs have been re-enabled. Gift feature has been added for Owners (J/Barrowsgloves and myself) 2023-03-13 03-57-28.mp4 Staff members have been given the nescescary tools to deal with password requests. Staff members have been given the tools to deal with Item Returns/Refunds from Runique (Community Manager+), this means we can check your accounts state on Runique and show you the items that are available to be returned (remember a max cap of 3). Corporeal beast now respawns correctly. Some old code has been removed.
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