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Patch Notes 04/03/2023


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Hi guys,


Some patches have been applied to the game:

  • The minigame System has been completely re-written, to be able to support new features for Zombie Island.
  • Collection Log and BINGO Boards have had their code significantly updated, please let me know if you continue to run into issues.
  • A new task management system has been added, this means tasks such as Divine Potions, Activity boxes, etc etc should seem more consistent.


Game Updates

  • You can now repair your Masori assemblers at the cost of a Masori assembler broken, Pernix quiver and Masori crafting kit.
  • You can upgrade your Masori assembler into a Masori max cape.
    • This is the new BIS Ranged cape
  •  Masori assembler passive effect:
    • 5% Accuracy and Damage buff in both PvP and PvM
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