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Zombie Island 3.0

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What is Zombie Island?

Note: Whilst there was 2 other prior versions of Zombie Island, I think it's important to distinguish for older players, that whilst some things are shared between the previous versions, for the most part it's a brand new system with a lot changes.


Zombie Island is an apocalyptic minigame, you can remove whatever equipment and supplies you'd like, however you can only enter the island with no items, upon arriving on the Island you will be handed:

  • Hatchet (ZI)
    • Scales based on your Woodcutting level.
  • Pickaxe (ZI)
    • Scales based on your Mining level.
  • Fishing tools (ZI)
    • Acts as any fishing tool.
  • Survival tool (ZI)
    • Acts as the following
      • Pickaxe
      • Tinderbox
      • Chisel
      • Hammer

Note: Tools do not work off of the island.


You can only have one account in the Minigame at the time, attempting to duke the system by logging into an alt account on the island will remove both accounts, thus removing the items from the island.


Well that doesn't sound Apocalyptic to me does it?

In previous iterations, Zombies were randomly spawned across the island, well no more I say! Kind of...

By default there will be World Spawn of Zombies, these are aggressive and have an aggressive range of 20, but only if you're in their line of sight, this means you can creep around and avoid Combat if you want to, however how is that going to stop other players from hunting you down? Yes, that's right, the Island has PvP Enabled, in a brand new Singles+ Combat type zone (this is a trial, in the future we will look at implementing Single+ Areas inside of the Wilderness).

As more players enter the island, more zombies will spawn, and well you've guessed it, the less players the fewer Zombies there are, but this still isn't scary is it? I'd like to introduce "Thje Chaser" based off Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 (Tyrant from Resident evil 2), each player will have a Chaser that is searching the island looking for them, this is to test a new smart script for pathing, whilst The Chaser doesn't know where you are, it will spawn in whichever region you are in and move to it (break down of Regions), unless you are engaging in combat with it.




The chaser not only is a hard hitter, he has a lot of old and new valuable drops! but we'll get on the rewards later.

In previous iterations you had to kill Zombies for a Blood key (significant boost to your load) or a Bloodier key which guaranteed at least one rare item from the chests scattered around the map, this hasn't changed, but the loot pool has done.


Personal Storage

You will now have your own personal storage on the island, so you can store your items (when not in combat) and leave without taking everything with you, Looting Bags and Rune pouches can be gained on the island, however they use their own storage and your normal looting bag becomes inaccessible.


Shopping mall!

There will be a few shops around the island, that offer things such as Bulk runes, Bulk food, and some minor weaponry (Ancient staff, Dragon scimitar, Dragon dagger, Rune armour).


Safe Areas

Each region of the map will have an allocated safe area where PvM and PvP is disabled, and any Zombies that may find their way into a Safe Zone will be killed off by the roaming Patrol Guards.


Main Rewards


  • Baron sharks
    • Heals player to full hit points
      • When taken out of the Island, you can only have a single Baron shark in your inventory.
        • When a Baron Shark is eaten, there is a 3 Minute cool down to eat another one.
  • Infected brews
    • A saradomin brew that does not increase or decrease any stats except for your health, this is designed to be a good combo food outside of the Wilderness.
  • Blighted food and potions
    • Blighted food act the same as their regular spawnable counter parts but heal 15% more health.
      • Food types:
        • Infected brew
        • Saradomin brew
        • Anglerfish
        • Shark
        • Karambwan
    • Blighted potions boost, drain and last longer by 15%!
      • Super restores
      • Stamina potions
      • Anti-venom
    • Blighted divine potions, offer a similar boost to Overload potions, meaning your stats will not decrease for 5 Minutes.
      • Super combat
      • Bastion
      • Battle-mage
  • Thrall scrolls
    • Thrall scrolls are used to unlock Thralls, there 5 Different tiers of Thralls, Thralls deal damage relevant to their combat type (Warrior is Melee, Archer is Ranged, Wizard is Magic), and can only attack other Monsters (not Players), each tier represents the thrall max hit (has a minimum hit of 0).
      • Way of the Warrior
      • Way of the Archer
      • Way of the Wizard
    • You can unlock the next tier of Thrall by using claim an addition Thrall scroll relevant to that combat style.
  • Repair scrolls
    • Repair scrolls can be used to repair your broken items for free.



  • Abyssal chain whip
    • T80 Abyssal whip, offering the ability to inflict Venom in combat on your target similar to Toxic staff of the Dead.
  • Collossal blade
    • 2-Handed sword
    • Same stats as a Dark elder maul
    • Attacks at the same speed as a Dragon scimitar/Abyssal whip.
  • Blisterwood sickle
    • Level 60 Scimitar
    • +10 more strength over Dragon scimitar.
    • 15% Extra damage on slayer tasks.
    • 30% Extra damage dealt against undead NPCs (stacks with 15% Slayer buff and Salve amulet(s)).
    • Special attack draw all enemies around you (0 Damage).
  • Blister woodflail
    • Level 75 Single hand weapon.
    • Same stats as a regular godsword.
    • 15% Extra damage on slayer tasks.
    • 30% Extra damage dealt against undead NPCs (stacks with 15% Slayer buff and Salve amulet(s)).
    • Special attack draw all enemies around you (Deal up-to 10 Damage to each enemy you draw).
    • Made by forging a collasal blade and Blisterwood sickle.
  • Korasi's sword
  • Guthix's blessed hilt
    • Korasi's sword upgrade kit to Blessed Korasi.
  • Sarkis's blue prints
    • Required to make the Sarkis bow in the forge, along with 5 Craw's bow (c)s and a Sarkis soul (30%) Chance.
  • Totemic's blue prints
    • Required to make the Totemic chainmace in the forge, along with 5 Viggora's chainmace (c) and a Totemic soul (30% Chance).
  • Dark sage's blue prints
    • Required to make the Dark sage's sceptre in the forge, along with 5 Thammaron's sceptres (c) and a Dark Sage's soul (30% Chance).




  • Supreme void
    • Superior void is an upgrade to Elite void.
  • Calamity armour
    • Introducing Ancestral's first hybrid armour, Calamity calamity comes in 3 Different varieties Regular (Pure), Superior (Zerker), Elite (Mains/Barrows), tradeable, auto-kept on death but breakable, you can either forge your armour up OR use upgrade kits!
      • Normal
        • Helm
          • zgYPZDz.png
        • Chest
          • qSzF9CG.png
        • LegsFull set
          • yriVX3t.png
          • f8Czye7.png
          • When the full set is worn:
            • 2.5% Magic, Ranged and Melee Accuracy buff
            • 2.5% Magic, Ranged and Melee damage buff
            • Immunity to poison.
            • A chance to inflict poison on your opponent
            • PvM Only:
              • Acts as Slayer helmet
              • Acts as regular Salve amulet
      • Superior
        • Helm
          • UKjnWIE.png
        • Chest
          • g7VLxPe.png
        • Legs
          • 4BI6xdE.png
        • Full set:
          • r2vNNVm.png
        • When the full set is worn, you will receive the following:
          • 5% Magic, Ranged and Melee Accuracy buff
          • 5% Magic, Ranged and Melee damage buff
          • Immunity to venom
          • A chance to inflict Venom on your opponent
          • In PVM:
            • Acts as Slayer helmet (i)
            • Acts as regular Salve amulet (e)
      • Elite
        • Helm
          • 7Hsd5Vq.png
        • Chest
          • 5WNgbKd.png
        • Legs
          • 6yhGiO2.png
        • Full set:
          • 5SKEHxd.png
        • When the full set is worn:
          • 7.5% Magic, Ranged and Melee Accuracy buff
          • 7.5% Magic, Ranged and Melee damage buff
          • Immunity to venom and corruption.
          • A chance to inflict venom  and corruption on your opponent
          • In PvM:
            • Acts as Twisted layer helmet (i)
            • Acts as regular Salve amulet (ei)
    • Sanguine pendant bloodprints (get the pun? Sanguine means blood)
      • I've heard your pleas, the Sanguine pendant will be making it's way into the game by forging an Enchanted pendant and an amulet of blood fury, and Sanguine bloodprints.
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Repair item scrolls

With the introduction of Repair Item scrolls, I feel this needs a section of it's own, in order to make it more clear.

Repair item scrolls will be obtainable through lots of different ways other then Zombie Island

  • Slayer and blighted slayer keys
  • Voting
  • Various reward shops


With this a lot of items will now be breakable, some items used to be breakable, and will be returning to be breakable, ofcourse they can be repaired with Blood Money also, when this update rolls out you will also be able to repair these items noted also, the PK'er will receive half of the repair cost, these only break in PvP.

  • Max cape (and other variants, excluding Mythical)
    • 99,000
  • Infernal cape (all variants)
    • 50,000
  • Ava's Assembler
    • 75,000
  • Masori assembler
    • 100,000
  • Avernic defender
    • 150,000
  • Molten defender
    • 300,000
  • Totemic blessed defender
    • 500,000
  • Void pieces (regular)
    • 4,000 Blood money
  • Void pieces (elite)
    • 10,000 Blood money
  • Halos
    • 50,000 Blood Money
  • Blood money wares and barrows pieces
    • 10% of Blood money wares price
  • Torva pieces
    • 200,000 Blood Money
  • Virtus
    • 200,000 Blood Money
  • Pernix
    • 200,000 Blood Money
  • Ancient twisted bow
    • 200,000 Blood Money
  • Sanguine twisted bow
    • 100,000 Blood Money
  • Twisted bow (i)
    • 50,000 Blood Money
  • Scythe of Zaros
    • 200,000 Blood Money
  • Sanguine scythe of Vitur
    • 100,000 Blood Money
  • Holy scythe of Vitur
    • 100,000 Blood Money
  • Scythe of Vitur
    • 50,000 Blood Money
  • Mythical items
    • 150,000 Blood Money
  • Tumeken's shadow
    • 200,000  Blood Money
  • Slayer helmets (of all varieties)
    • 50,000
  • Totemic
    • 100,000 Blood Money
  • Sarkis
    • 100,000 Blood Money
  • Dark sage
    • 100,000 Blood Money
  • Ring of Perfect
    • 50,000 Blood Money
  • Calamity set (normal)
    • 2,500 Per a piece
  • Calamity set (superior)
    • 10,000 per a piece
  • Calamity set (elite)
    • 15,000 Per a piece
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