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Ancestral Rules


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Note: It is important that you read and understand the rules clearly, if you have any confusion contact a staff member for further clarification - failing to understand the rules, does not grant a "free pass" or exception to the rule broken, it's imperative that you (our community) understand our rules and we can explain them clearly.

Ancestral Rules

  1. Impersonating others
  2. You are not allowed to create impersonation accounts, regardless of whether the person being impersonated is a staff member or a player, impersonating a staff member will lead to a permanent removal of your accounts and your presence in-game.
  3. Macroing/Cheat Clients
    1. Attempting use of macros is not allowed under any circumstances, there are some exceptions to this rule, windows key at a rate of 1:1 (one key press to one action), a few examples (although not limited to) of disallowed software is Auto-hot keys, Ghost mouse and auto-clicking software.
    2. Use of third-party clients are forbidden attempting to do so will either lead to an auto-mated server ban if detected, or manual ban and seeing a chain wipe to your in-game accounts.
  4. Content, Rogue Point & BH Point Farming
    1. Alt accounts
      1. When using an alt account, the following must be taken seriously, your alts are not to engage in the same activity together, here is a list of things (but not limited to)
      2. Participating in tournaments
      3. Killing the same boss as your main account, however you can if they are two separate instances, example:
      4.  Your main and alt account can kill Zulrah as they are a solo bosses, and do not share the same instance.
        • Example: You may not use an alt account to help you kill Nex, doing so may lead to a temporary ban on your alt account, repeat offenders may find their alt or main to be severely punished.
    2. The wilderness Read carefully, this applies to main, alts and ironmen.
      • You can have two accounts in the Wilderness, however you must follow the rules listed above.
      • Additionally you may not use your main or alt to protect one of your accounts, doing so will result in punishment.
  5. Rogue & BH Point farming
    1. Point farming is strictly prohibited, doing so will result in a temporary ban (1st offence) and points reset
      1. A second ban will result in a permanent removal of your accounts.
  6. Offensive language
    1. Flame is allowed within the Wilderness, however there are some lines which should not be crossed, and this is global
    2. What's said in the Wilderness stays in the Wilderness and does not spill into yell, help chat or Discord.
    3. There are a few no-goes (again this applies all over the game) and in doing so depending on the severity of what was said may result in temporary or permanent mutes, in some scenarios may even lead to bans
      1. The act of telling someone to commit self harm or laughing if they've admitted to it before.
      2. Wishing/hoping a terminal illness on someone or their family.
      3. Racism/Discrimination.
      4. You are not to discriminate or conduct hate speech to someone based on their (a few examples, but not limited to):
      5. Race
      6. Religious beliefs
      7. Gender expression
      8. Age
    • To cut it short, don't make someone feel uncomfortable.
  7. Account Hijacking (Hacking)
    • If you are found hijacking someone's account, any associate accounts to you will be removed.
    • What is classed as hijacking?
      • Logging into someones account without their consent.
      • Losing their ironman status
      • Losing/removal of their items.
      • Note: If an account isn't shared and we are able to locate the missing items we may be able to refund them, or restore your account to a time prior to the time of hijacking,
  8. Item Scamming
    • Scamming other players on Ancestral is not allowed. This does not include the likes of switching items in trade screens and switching rules whilst at the Duel Arena. But things like, luring or stealing items (trust trades, etc) is not allowed. In almost all cases you will not be refunded, however the player who scammed you will be punished. Punishments will range from black marks, account bans, and in some cases permanent account banned.
      • Note: that switching Duel Arena rules and removal of items from trades may result in a ban.
  9. Bug abuse or Exploting a found bug
    • Players of the Ancestral community are not allowed and expected not to abuse or exploit any bugs or glitches that may cause an unfair advantage against other players, if you find any bugs please report them immediately. This includes but is not limited to actions such as noclipping in PvP or PvM areas whereas others cannot reach you during fights, using glitched items to become invisible during combat and/or duels, etc.
      • Note: You can report bugs here You might get rewarded! <a href="" rel="">https://ancestralps.io/support/</a>
  10. Account Trading
    • Ancestral players are prohibited from trading or selling any accounts. This includes but is not limited to any transactions regarding accounts within the Duel Arena. Trading or selling accounts will result in an immediate ban or permanent mute on your account. Account sharing is not recommended, but if you insist, any issues regarding sharing of accounts will not be dealt by the Ancestral Staff team - this includes any form of rule-breaking the person you're sharing the account with might've caused, if you wish to trade a OSRS or RS3 Account for Ancestral gold or items, you can do so by contacting Elfinlocks in-game.
  11. Real world trading
    • Ancestral players are prohibited from trading Ancestral gold or items for any items or currency outside of Ancestral, doing so will will result in both parties having their accounts banned, without exception, if you wish to trade OSRS or RS3 Gold for Ancestral Gold, you can do so by contacting Elfinlocks in-game, similarly to Account Trading, if you are scammed during the transaction Ancestral staff team will not deal with your report.
  12. Advertising
    • Ancestralplayers are expected to not advertise or mention any other live servers, however it is okay to riminess or talk about servers that are no longer online, this includes Yell, Public, Private or Clan chat, Discord or Forum PMs
  13. Players and Staff Privacy
    • Personal information and data is extremely important, sharing any information about someone alive, deceased, liked or dislike is prohibited, doing so will result in removal of the Game &amp; Community, unless given explicit permission to do so, a few examples (but not limited to) is Discord, Twitter, Twitch, Alternate account names, IRL Names, Addresses, Phone numbers, breaking this rule is a severe punishment in any capacity.
  14. Disruption of Game Play (Griefing, Ragging &amp; Rushing)
    1. Griefing
      • Griefing is considered disrupting someone's game play (running underneath fights, lighting fires to stop someone from doing an action, placing cannons to prevent someone from placing there's down) with no intention on doing something logical
    2. Rushing
      1. Rushing is considered dumping special attacks to give someone no chance to eat, without initiating a fight normally, these rules are only enforced at Edgeville, Wests, Easts, Risk Zone,.
      2. Dumping special attacks and leaving immediately after is also considered Rushing aswell as Ragging depending on the circumstances (staff dealing with your report may decide).
    3. Ragging
      1. Killing someone repeatedly who risks minimal risk (under 30,000 Blood Money)
      2. Attacking someone with no intention to kill.
      3. Rushing someone whilst having no other KO Potential weapons on you.
      4. Teleblocking someone and immediately leaving (repeatedly).
  15. Punishment Evading
    • Avoiding your punishment on Ancestral (Mute or Ban) will result in a more severe punishment and time extension to your current punishment.
  16. Use your Common Sense!
    • If you think you found a loop hole or think "I'm not sure if this comes under X, Y or Z Rule" you're best off not doing it! and asking a staff member first, people who think they've found a work around a loophole should bare in mind there are some things that you can punished for even if it isn't specified in the rules above, if you have this feeling you should know that you are pushing the limits!
  17. Repeated Harassment
    • Repeated harassment is as the name suggest, continuously being on the fine line of what's okay and what isn't okay in Rule 4 - Offensive language when spotting a player on-sight or upon a login, this also covers  Rule 12 - Disruption of Game Play (Griefing, Ragging &amp; Rushing) on-sight or upon login.
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