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Ancestral - Bug Patches and QOL Improvements


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Bug Fixes

  • Cannon (combat aggro) fixed
    • spacer.png
  • Previously the Founder Imp only worked at Zulrah and regular NPC's the following changes have been made:
    • It now works at the following also:
      • Donation Boss
      • Corporeal Beast
      • Blighted nightmare
      • The Nightmare
      • Vote Boss
      • Everlasting
      • Totemic spirit
      • Galvek
      • Dark sage's spirit
      • Glough
      • Sarkis spirit
      • Nex
      • Angel of Death, Nex
  • You can no longer enter Feroxes Enclave when holding the Wilderness Key.
  • You can now claim and use:
    • Saradomin heal
    • Bandos warcry
    • Zamorakian freeze
  • Zriawkes now gives the correct 15% Boost instead of 10% without the Slayer perk unlocked, with the Slayer perk unlocked the Zriawke will give 20%.
  • Fawkes no longer gives 5% Drop rate boost.
  • Ancient zaryte & Zaryte crossbow
    • When using the special attack you now have a 100% Chance to activate special attack, given that the special attack deals damage. 
      • 40QhLCN.png
    • Additionally, the passive effect has been adding, meaning all bolt procs whilst the Zaryte crossbow is wielded is increased by 10%.
  • The radius to place down a dwarf multi-cannon has been decreased from 2 to 1.
  • Guaranteed drops should now count towards BINGO Correctly.

Quality of Life

  • The following teleports and teleport commands have been added:
    • Scorpia (::scorpia)
      • 76ykf5x.png
    • Vet'ion (::vetion)
      • Zudobou.png
    • Venenatis (::venny, ::ven, ::venenatis)
      • mZiDoPu.png
  • A command to see the next Wilderness key spawn timer has been added:
    • ::wildkey ::wildernesskey ::wildykey & ::key
      • PdT9AOj.png
  • Venenatis has received a change to the Combat script, rather then a 1/14 Chance to hurl web at you, she will hurl a web whenever she can, permitted she isn't on her 40 Second cool down for the attack.
  • You can claim all items in your Event storage by typing "::claimstorage" or "::cs".
    • In the next client update, there will be options on the Home Widget and Interface.
  • A couple of changes have been made to the Wilderness key:
    • The next time you pick up a Wilderness key inside the Wilderness, it will prompt you to
      • Proceed.
      • Nevermind.
      • Proceed, and don't warn me again.
    • Wilderness Keys can no longer be banked.
  • The following shops have had all their stocks increased from 1 to 10,000
    • Blighted slayer reward shop
    • Slayer reward shop
    • Boss point shop
    • Target point store.
  • Dust of luck can now be purchased from:
    • Boss Points Reward shop for 300 Bossing points.
    • Vote shop for 10 Vote points
    • Blighted Slayer Points - 300 Blighted slayer points
    • Slayer points - 600 Slayer points
  • Topic command added
    • ::topic TOPCI_ID
      • This will open up the Topic for you I.E ::topic 20 will open this thread!
  • Better broadcast system added for Community Managers and above.


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