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Client updates and improvements


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Quality of Life improvements:

  • Saved accounts increased from 3 to 5.
  • Boxes, Bonds and pets can now be hovered over in your inventory
    • 38mCjja.png
  • Various nullpointers caused by sleepy code has been patched, this means in some areas the Client should no longer ramp up-to 500MB usage.
  • Textures have been updated heavily.
  • A new teleport interface has been added:
    • mAXTdYe.png
  • A new login screen has been added:
    • L0wHA0q.png
  • URL Broadcasts and Broadcasts should no longer take priority over open interfaces, similarly to how the "Event Storage" widget works - during my testing of the new Teleport interface, I realized it takes priority, including in the Bank.
  • Previously the amount of information the Client could display on login was limited, it can now write 4 whole lines! explaining any issues.
  • Some new fancy buttons have been added to the Login Screen.
  • Some models have been updated.


Server updates

  • A command ::teleports or by pressing CTRL + T has been added to quick access teleports, by default it will attempt to open your last category opened.
  • You will now given a Broadcast (specifically to you) containing information about the last update or latest sale.
  • Server code has been cleaned up tremendously, improve should be noticeabel.
  • Several issues with new account's have been identified and patched.
  • Sarkis issues have been identified and patched accordingly.
  • An issue with Void armour was patched.
  • Any attributes to do with the "Dispenser" have been removed, for those who had a lot of points, you may DC upon login whilst the server deletes all relative information.
  • A bunch of Zombie Island prep code has been added and will be monitored over the rest of the week-end.
  • Some adjustments have been made to Double Drops week (and week-end), lamps and Founder imp (proc rate increased) to feel it's actual worth.



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