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Ancestral - Easter Event 2023


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The Easter Bunny needs your help! he can be found between the shop area and PvP hub!

Melting down Chocco chickens



What do you have to do?

Collecting Easter Eggs

  • Collecting Easter Eggs is simple! Roam around the Wilderness, and you might be lucky enough to spot an Easter Egg rolling around (honestly, just sitting) in the dirty, collect that bad boy and gain a guaranteed Easter Egg! be careful, because you might just slip and fall, and damage can be stacked on this stall!
    • Easter eggs have only one use, which is to give Tokens and guaranteed Easter Eggs that can be used to upgrade Easter weapons at the Easter Bunny, the stronger the tier of weapon, the higher you'll hit!
  • Note: These pesky eggs will not show up on your minimap!

Melting down Chocco chickens

To begin killing Chocco chickens, you first need to collect a weapon or weapons of your choice from the Easter bunny!



Some of you may have noticed some weird icons under some of the items, these are easter eggs received from Collecting easter eggs and killing chocco chickens, they serve no purpose except upgrading your weapons, once you have you have upgraded all of your weapons to T3 you can then purchase a T4 weapon "Easter bringer", this item is 3 tick, attacks with magic and has a base max hit of 72.

Chocco chickens have a unique minimap icon and icon above their head.

  • Chocco chicken (common):
    • Always:
      • 5k - 10K BM
      • 25-50 Easter tokens
    • Common:
      • Easter eggs x 1 (1/5)
    • Rare:
      • 1,000,000 BM (1/107)
    • Very rare
      • Donator mystery box (1/269)
      • Key of Boxes (1/180)
      • Premium key of boxes (1/630)
      • Epic key of boxes (1/1,12)
    • Chocco chicken (uncommon):
      • Always:
        • 10k - 15K BM
        • 50-75 Easter tokens
      • Common:
        • Easter eggs x 1 (1/4)
      • Rare:
        • 1,000,000 BM (1/83)
      • Very rare
        • Donator mystery box (1/209)
        • Key of Boxes (1/97)
        • Premium key of boxes (1/342)
        • Epic key of boxes (1/685)
    • Chocco chicken (rare):
      • Always:
        • 1,000,000 x BM
        • 100-150 Easter tokens
      • Common:
        • Easter eggs x 1 (1/3)
      • Rare:
        • 2,500,000 - 5,000,000 BM (1/70)
      • Very rare
        • Donator mystery bag (1/175)
        • Key of Boxes (1/92)
        • Premium key of boxes (1/246)
        • Epic key of boxes (1/370)
        • Elite epic pet box (1/370)
    • Chocco chicken (super rare):
      • Always:
        • 10,000,000 x BM
        • 100-150 Easter tokens
      • Common:
        • Easter eggs x 1 (1/3)
      • Rare:
        • 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 BM (1/70)
      • Very rare
        • Donator mystery chest (1/175)
        • Key of Boxes (1/92)
        • Premium key of boxes (1/246)
        • Epic key of boxes (1/296)
        • Elite epic pet box (1/592)
  • Note: Niffler cannot be used when killing Chocco chickens, and weapons are only able to be used against Easter event NPCs.


The following activities can also give you Easter Tokens:

  • Completing a BINGO:
    • 10,000 Tokens
  • Collecting eggs
    • 250 Tokens
  • Completing a raid
    • 500 Tokens
  • Killing an event boss
    • 10,000 Tokens

Rewards, but where are the rewards? PLEASE SOMEONE THINK OF THE REWARDS

Fear not, as we've got your rewards covered too if those Chocco chickens don't tickle your fancy.

Token rewards:

You exchange your Easter Tokens at either of the Easter exchanges next to the Easter Bunny, there are two tiers of rewards, once you complete both tiers, your event progress will reset, and you'll be able to do it all again!


  • Every time you roll you will receive the amount of Blood Money on the bottom right.
  • If an item has more then one, you will need to unlock all of those items, example 10 Donator mystery boxes is 10 different rolls, not a single roll.


  • Tier one rewards:
    • svJkcWK.png
    • The keen eyed may have noticed a few new items, so we'll start left to right, top to bottom!
      • Amulet of Confliction K2B5ugN.png
        • 2.5% magic and melee damage in PvM and offers 10% extra PKP from PvP Kills
        • Auto-kept, tradeable.
      • Alchemist's amuletvdwVosO.png
        • 2.5% Magic and ranged damage in PvM and offers 10% extra PKP from PvP Kills
        • Auto-kept, tradeable.
      • Deadeye's amuletPOcZPJ0.png
        • 2.5% Ranged and melee damage in PvM and offers 10% extra PKP from PvP Kills
        • Auto-kept, tradeable.
      • Blood money casket (500k - 2M)5Ywckyy.png
        • Gives 500k to 2M Blood Money.
      • Superior scrollCfWZrDf.png
        • Gives the dust of luck superior effect for an hour without needing Dust of Luck.
      • Larran's luck
        • Gives double of the following keys for 20 minutes:
          • Larran's keys
          • Slayer keys
          • Blighted slayer keys
      • Double drop scroll8TZR3Xb.png
        • Gives 5% extra chance of drops to double, stacks with week, week-end, founder imp and double drop lamp for an hour. 
      • Drop rate boost scroll2Go7AYQ.png
        • Gives 15% Extra drop rate for an hour.
      • Bond casket9jFVkIH.png
        • Bond caskets work similarly to Epic elite pet bnoxes, this means you cannot use a Key of Boxes on them.
        • Bond caskets can give anywhere between 5-100$ in Bonds (and legacy bonds):
          • Mega rare roll (1/56)
            • 100.00$ dollar bond
              • Failed roll: 2x 100$ Bond (legacy)
          • Extremely rare roll (1/56)
            • 50.00$ bond
              • Failed roll: 2x 50$ Bond (legacy)
          • Rare (1/14)
            • 20.00$ bond
              • Failed roll: 40% Bond (Legacy)
            • 3x10$ Bond
              • Failed roll: 20$ Bond (Legacy) x3
          • Uncommon:
            • 20.00$ Bond
              • Failed roll: 40$ Bond (Legacy)
            • Ten dollar bond
              • Failed roll: 20$ Bond (Legacy)
          • Common:
            • 5.00$ Bond
              • Failed roll: 10$ Bond (Legacy)
  • Tier two rewards:
    • oTScJDB.png
    • New rewards:
      • Easter bunny pet xOhCm2c.png
        • Gives 40% More tokens for any activity that gives Easter Tokens, for all future Easter events.
      • Easter coin (2023) dEoXu4K.png
        • Can be exchanged at the easter bunny for new Easter themed cosmetic items:
          • HYQNSfy.png
        • Coins can only be obtained through the Event Exchange, and are NOT tradeable, note an easter dye will also be available for 1 coin.
        • Easter icon:
          • ADawj8B.png


Limited edition cosmetics

This year we'll be selling 2 different Easter wings, and each wing will be sold to 4 individual players at 200$ a piece (OSRS also excepted), these will NOT be available through the Store, you must contact myself (Elfinlocks) to enquire about these, these will NEVER be sold again, these are first come, first serve.




Left = Pink, Right = Blue


New forges

The following new items can be fused:

  • Agelic easter bunny
    • 25% Chance to forge
    • Requires:
      • Easter bunny
      • Baby squirt
      • Corrupt hunllef
    • Effect:
      • 40% Extra tokens across ALL easter events (Current and future)
      • Acts as a baby squirt (reduce spec cost and 7.5% accuracy boost)
      • Acts has a corrupt hunllef (7.5 Accuracy boost +1 max hit to all styles)
  • Amulet of Perfect
    • 50% chance to forge
      • Requires:
        • Deadeye's amulet
        • Alchemist's amulet
        • Amulet of Confliction
      • Effect:
        • 5% Magic, Melee and Ranged damage in PvM
        • 15% Extra PKP whilst in PvP
        • Autokeep but tradeable.


Event bosses

Giant Easter Egg


A Giant Easter Egg will spawn at the ::events area every 6 Hours, these have some lucrative spoils!


A super chicken will spawn at ::50s every 4 hours, as it's in a Dangerous Location, it's has the same drop table as the Giant Easter Egg but all drops are significantly more common!




Other changes:

  • Coins and Platinum tokens now have an "Exchange" option
    • This option will let you change old Coins and Blood money from a previous Economy change into Bloody Tokens and Blood Money.
  • Blood money and Bloody tokens now have an "Exchange option"
    • This well now let you swap BM to Bloody Tokens and Bloody Tokens to BM
  • Trading post now supports using Bloody Tokens as currency.
  • Bank code optimized.
  • Drops Display no longer show boost drop rates.
  • Drop system was re-written so now after exceeding X drop rate bonus, items don't disappear from the drop table all together.
  • You can no longer teleport out of the Donator Cave without a Fawkes.
  • You can no longer leave the Donator Cave if you have entered with a Wilderness key.
  • You can no longer leave the Donator Cave by using the Rope when teleblocked.
  • When teleblocked and you try to teleport, we will tell you how long is left on your teleblock.
  • You can now use the Elder wand on any spellbook, this includes the raids only version.
  • Applied some fixes to the Gambling ban system
  • Saturated heart no longer boosts Magic and Ranged to 118 when inside of the Wilderness.
  • Appropriate curse ending code has been applied, everywhere where prayers were.
  • A new Broadcast has been added for the Easter Event
  • Divine and Sanguine divine spirit shields can now be traded.
    • An issue that prevented their intended buff to activate has been patched.
  • An issue that would allow you to attack Chinchompas with the Tumeken's shadow has been patched.
  • Rune pouch has been added back to the BM Wares store
  • Re-wrote combat spells system.
  • Callisto's claws has been added to Callisto
  • Skull of Vet'ion has been added to Vet'ion
  • Fangs of Venenatis has been added to Venenatis
  • Masori assembler (broken) has been added to the Chaos elemental 
  • Venator bow (uncharged) has been added to Nex 
  • Venator shards have been added to Nightmare and Nex
  • Ancient icon has been added to Nightmare and Nex


Known issues:

  • New items missing from Forge.
  • New pet(s) not working as intended.
  • Unable to dye intended items.
  • Santa hat equip model for male and female characters appearing as regular Characters.

These are top priority patches, that will be resolved in the morning.

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