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Blighted slayer (partial release)


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Bug fixes:

  • Scythe of Zaros is now protected over at a value of 2.5M



Blighted Slayer Master



Currently only able to assign you monsters found commonly around the Wilderness, the rewards only to be dreamt of! in this partial release Wilderness slayer has received quite the makeover, boasting it's own points, on top of Slayer points, new rewards and upgrades for both PvMers and PK'ers alike!


You have 25 Minutes to complete the Blighted Slayer, failing to meet this requirement will only reward you with Blighted Slayer points, complete the task within the allocated time and you will receives rewards you could only dream about! alongside 50,000 Blood Money.

Reward table for completing task within time:


  • Common rewards
    • Bandos godsword
    • Armadyl godsword
    • Bandos chestplace
    • Bandos tassets
    • Armadyl helmet
    • Armadyl chestplate
    • Armadyl chainskirt
    • Armadyl crossbow
    • Toxic staff of the dead
    • Dharoks armour set
    • Ahrims armour set
    • Odium ward
    • Malediction ward
    • Dragonfire shield
    • Revenant mystery box
    • Staff of Light
    • Amulet of Fury x 6
    • Occult necklace x 6
    • Dragon boots x 4
    • Ranger boots x 4
    • MAster wand x 4
    • Granite maul x 6
    • Tome of fire x 3
    • Dragon crossbow
    • Corrupt totem
    • Heavy ballista
    • Berserker ring i
    • Archers ring I
    • Nightmare staff
  • Uncommon rewards
    • Dragon claws
    • Primordial boots
    • Pegasian boots
    • Eternal boots
    • Neitiiznot faceguard
    • Abysal tentacle (blue)
    • Amulet of Torture
    • Toxic staff of the dead
    • Volatile orb
    • Eldritch orb
    • Harmonised orb
  • Rare rewards
    • Raids mystery box
    • Eltie pet mystery box
    • Divine sigil
    • Elysian sigil
    • Fawkes
    • Sanguine ornament kit
    • Anathema ward
    • Anathematic heart
    • Anathamic wand
    • Deranged manifesto
  • Mega rares
    • Ancient signet
    • Mystery ticket
    • Divine spirit shield
    • Osmuntens fang
    • Masori mask
    • MAsori body
    • Masori chaps
    • Tumekens staff
    • Masori assembler
    • Elysian spirit shield


Tertiary drops, these are drops that can be received on task only (at the moment. 1/512)

  • Surge spell scroll unlock
  • Nex unlock scroll
  • Nightmare unlock scroll
  • Armadyl enlightment
  • Bandos warcry
  • Zamorakian freeze
  • Saradomin heal


Tomorrow will see the introduction of all these drops being able to be used, major bosses me moved, in addition to this, the Wilderness has had over 300 spawns added or changed, including additions such as Rune dragons, Adamant dragons,  and more! so be sure to search the wild for them!

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