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Wilderness armour changes (again)

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Recently I've been reworking and player around with Sarkis, Totemic and Dark sage, here comes the final changes with all relevant information, so please disregard any information I may have shared with you as an individual, or group of people.


Armour name changes

The following items will have their names changed to the following:

  • Totemic helmet -> Ursine helmet
  • Totemic platebody -> Ursine platebody
  • Totemic platelegs -> Ursine platelegs
  • Dark sage's hat -> Thammaron's hat
  • Dark sage's robe -> Thammaron's robe top
  • Dark sage's robe bottoms -> Thammaron's robe bottoms
  • Sarkis dark coif -> Webweaver coif
  • Sarkis dark body -> Webweaver body
  • Sarkis dark legs -> Webweaver chaps
  • Dark sage's sceptre -> Accursed sceptre


In addition to this, the Client has been updated to correctly reflect the set effect and individual pieces, this is how it currently works (overall, Ursine = Melee, Webweaver = Ranged, Thammaron = Magic)

  • Helmets 5% Damage and Accuracy
  • Platebody, robe top, body - 10% Damage and Accuracy
  • Platelegs, robe bottoms, chaps - 7.5% Damage and accuracy
  • Full set = 22.5% + 1% for each Wilderness level.


Introducing Totemic, Sarkis and Dark sage


No, you haven't read that wrong, the following armour sets are being added back with a different Item Id and effect.

These new armour sets can be forged by the following:

  • Totemic helmet
    • Ursine helmet x 4
    • Claws of Callisto
  • Totemic platebody
    • Ursine platebody x 4
    • Claw's of Callisto
  • Totemic platelegs
    • Ursine platelegs x 4
    • Claw's of Callisto
  • Dark sage's hat
    • Thammaron's hat x4
    • Skull of Vet'ion
  • Dark sage's robe top
    • Thammaron's robe top x4
    • Skull of Vet'ion
  • Dark sage's robe bottoms
    • Thammaron's robe bottoms x4
    • Skull of Vet'ion
  • Sarkis coif
    • Webweaver coif x4
    • Fangs of Venenatis
  • Sarkis body
    • Webweaver body x4
    • Fangs of Venenatis
  • Sarkis chaps
    • Webweaver chaps x4
    • Fangs of Venenatis
  • Totemic chainmace
    • Ursine chainmace x1
    • Viggora's chainmace (c)x1
    • Viggora's chainmace
    • Claw's of Callisto
  • Dark sage's sceptre
    • Accursed sceptre x1
    • Thammaron's sceptre (c)
    • Thammaron's sceptre
    • Skull of Vet'ion
  • Sarkis bow
    • Webweaver bow x1
    • Craw's bow (c)
    • Craw's bow
    • Fangs of Venenatis

That's great but what does this do? This reverts them to their former glory this means:

  • The weapons will act the same as their Runique variant, offering upto 300 Damage in the correct conditions when inside of the Wilderness, act as a (c) variant outside of the Wilderness.
  • The armours will act the same as they were originally introduced, this means they will work inside and outside of the Wilderness (50% Damage and Accuracy decreased outside of the Wilderness).
  • Upon death, these will break and can be repaired at an Armour stand or with Repair scrolls, you are able to prevent these from breaking, by using a Gilded stone, which will protect them for one PvP Death, losing the stone.


This means the total set of armour will give 45% Damage and Accuracy boost in it's targeted attack style, 22.5% outside of the Wilderness.


What happens to existing (G) Sets?

When the update is ready to go live, upon your next login, you will be moved home, any (G) variants in the Trading post will be removed, your Niffler(s), Looting Bags and Loot Keys will be automatically claimed, and all existing (G) variants will be turned into Gilded stones and their base item I.E Totemic helmet (g) will become Ursine helmet and a Gilded stone in your Event storage.


This is introduced as an Item Sink and an opportunity to get some really nice upgrades, this in preparation for the upcoming Weekly Merchant, where you can exchange items every week into Tokens, which can be used to Purchase bonds, and new upgrades.


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