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Blighted slayer partial release (phase 2) - Bosses and updated drops


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The return of The nightmare!

The nightmare unlock scroll can now be claimed allow you to fight The nightmare, the nightmare has a slew of exciting rewards, can can be found East of ::gdz, what's that? The new boss alone is underwhelming? Well there's also a Superior version that offers some different and new rewards, including the Ancient nightmare staff, upon Death the Nightmare will bestow a 10 seconds teleblock.





Noteable drops:

  • Dust of luck
  • Epic key of boxes
  • Premium key of boxes
  • Ancient nightmare staff
  • Donator mystery bag
  • Elite pet mystery bag
  • Raids mystery bag

Nex changes

Both Nex and Nex, Angel of Death have received some new rewards, and now require a Nex unlock scroll enable to fight her, the ::nex command now teleports you near the Level 27 Obelelisk (27 Wilderness), and entering the Cave Crevice north (the lobby is Safe), however you are not able to enter the Cave if you're Teleblocked or carriny a Wilderness key, upon entering Nex's chamber, you will moved in to level 15 Wilderness multi-way combat, fear not as the fight ensues PK'ers are unable to join until the end of Nex's fight.


Both bosses will be receiving additional drops with the rest of the Wilderness bosses later this week.


Surge spell changes

Players are now required to unlock Surge spells via Surge spells unlock scroll.

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