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Item refresh, Elite Barrows, QOL Improvements.


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Elite Barrows

Elite barrows is a wave based minigame (6 Waves), where you fight the "Damned" barrows brothers.
Each wave an additional barrows brother will spawn until you have defeated all 6 Barrows brothers, you can start this minigame by digging above any of the Crypts at the Barrows minigame teleport.


  • 1 Garuanteed barrows armour set.
  • 1 Garuanteed barrows item.
  • 25,000 Blood Money
  • 25% Chance to roll on the "Donator" table:
  • Epic key of boxes
  • Premium key of boxes
  • Key of boxes
  • Ten dollar bond
  • Five dollar bond
  • Donator mystery box
  • Weapon mystery box
  • Armour mystery box
  • Legendary mystery box

Rare chance for your random barrows item to be a Damned barrows brother weapon.
Rare chance for your random armour set to be a Damned barrows brother armour set (these do not include the weapon)

Blighted amulet of the Damned

  • Same stats as a Enchanted Pendant
  • Offers upgraded perks to barrows armour sets.
    • Karil's
      • Proc chance increased from 25% to 50%.
      • 25% chance for your second damage to hit the same amount as your first hit, if this fails, your second hit will be halved.
    • Ahrim's
      • Proc chance increased from 25% to 50%.
      • 25% chance for your attack to deal an addition 50% Damage, if this fails, you will gain the normal 30% Damage increase.
    • Dharoks
      • Proc chance icreased from 25% to 50%.
      • 25% chance of recoiling 30% of damage taken. This effect can stack with the Vengeance spell and ring of recoil effects, if this fails you will recoil the normal 15% Damage.
  • Veracs
    • +7 additional Prayer bonus, on top of the amulet's +3.
    • Proc chance 50%.
    • 25% chance for you to deal a second hit the same amount as your first hit, if this fails, your second hit will be halved.
  • Torags
    • Defence level invisibly increased by 1% for every 1 Hitpoint missing. Stacks with temporary boosts.
    • 50% Chance to reduce your targets run energy to 0 and to cancel the targets stamina potions.

Damned weapons and armours

Damned weapons and armours can be mixed and matched, Damned barrows equipment offer more defensive and offensive bonuses then regular barrows items, and are tier 75 rather then 70.

Using damned barrows weapons with regular (tier 70) barrow sets will give the effect of an amulet of the damned, using damned barrows weapon with damned barrow sets will give the passive ability of the Blighted amulet of the Damned.

Item refresh

Blighted PvP Armours and Weapons

"Ancient" PvP Weapons and Armours have been changed to Blighted, in addition the following armours/weapons are now available:

  • Blighted morrigans
    • Coif
    • Body
    • Chaps
  • Blighted zuriels
    • Staff
    • Hood
    • Body
    • Legs
  • Blighted statius
    • Full helm
    • Platebody
    • Platelegs
  • Blighted vesta's
    • spear


These armours can either be forged, or received as drops from Callisto, Venenatis or Vet'ion.

The following items and effects work as intended:

  • Godsword scrolls
    • Armadyl enlightment
    • Bandos warcry
    • Saradomin's heal
    • Zamorakian freeze will

now boost their respective godswords to the same bonuses as their (or) variants, and offer the additional max hit and special attacks.


Raids 3 Items

Raids 3 items have been obtainable for quite a while, from Task master tasks, Blighted slayer or AFK Rewards, whilst I've been debating on how to implement them, I've gone ahead and done it now, these items now function as intended, the following items need to be repaired with a Masori crafting kit (consumed upon use) in order to be equipped from their broken states:

  • Masori assembler
    • Requires masori kit
    • Pernix quiver OR Pernix quiver (broken)
      • Can be used on a regular max cape to create a Masori assembler max cape.
  • Masori (normal)
    • Requires masori kit, to repair (Mask, Body, chaps).
  • Masori (f)
    • Requires the Masori kit, and the pernix counter part, I.E to create Masori mask (f) you need the following:
      • Pernix cowl
      • Masori mask
      • Masori kit.
        • This upgrade variant has the offensive stats of masori (better then pernix) and the defensive bonuses from Pernix (better than Masori).

Other items:

  • Osmutens fang
    • Requires using it on an Anvil with 99 Smithing and a Grazhi rapier.
  • Tumekens shadow
    • Requires Miasmic gem, Volatile, Edlritch, Harmonised and broken staff in inventory.
      • Has a max hit of 120 Damage, can hit multiple NPCs, with it's own autocasted spell, when the autocasted spell is cast, you will receive a 3X multiplier to your Magic strength (Magic damage).


Item stats/set stats

Tumekens shadow


Masori (normal)


Masori (f)


Blighted statius's


Blighted morrigan's


Blighted zuriel's



Damned ahrim's


Damned dharok's


Damned verac's


Damned guthan's


Damned torag's


Damned karil's




Other changes:

  • Blighted ancient ice, entancle, teleport, vengeance sacks can now be bought from the Blood Money Wares for 250 Blood money each.
  • Lesser dust of luck is now available whilst doing Blighted slayer, and purchaseable with Blighted slayer points and regular slayer points, increases chance to spawn a superior (slayer target) boss to 25%.
  • Kerberos, Artio and Arachne have had their drop tables significantly updated.
  • Callisto, Venenatis and Vet'ion have had their drop tables significantly updated.
  • Forge can now make Blighted Morrigan's, Zuriel's and statius.
  • When on Blighted slayer tasks you will now receive Blighted slayer keys instead of Slayer keys (if the perk is unlocked).
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