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Ancestral - March roadmap

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What a month!

Ancestral released receiving a total of 12 updates since it's re-release late January.


With a new Quest System coming into the game fairly soon (within the next 48 Hours, hopefully) I'd like to talk about the plans for Ancestral over March, over March Runique will be taking the majority of my time, but that doesn't mean Ancestral is going to be forgotten.


Ancient Curses, Zombie Island & Temple of Senntisten quest

This is intended to be the first big update for this month, introducing Cursed Prayers and more motivation then ever to do more content around the game, the quest is now complete, there's only a few things left for me to do and it has been play tested multiple times, what's left to do? (quest takes about an hour to complete).

  • Fixed twisted horn item box
  • Move final boss
  • Add quest tab
  • create custom reward items
  • Add post-quest dialogue
  • add book logic
    • Add blood soaked book (empty)
    • Blood soaked book (20%) I.E a Single page
    • Blood soaked book (40%) I.E 2 Pages
    • Blood soaked book (60%) I.E 3 Pages
    • Blood soaked book (80%) I.E 4 Pages
    • Blood soaked book (Complete) I.E 5 Pages, tradeable
  • Add checks to regular prayers to make sure your spellbook is is set to Prayers.
  • Add checks to curse prayers to make sure your spellbook is is set to Curses.
  • Reset prayers and curses everytime you change your book.






Zombie Island

Upon completion of the Quest, Brother Tranquility will allow you to access a new, improved Zombie Island 2.0 3.0 the first two iterations of Zombie Island were very temperamental and were mostly experimentations of the code base, I can now create a new improved version of Zombie Island. this means PvP Enabled without the map being entirely in the Wilderness, item restrictions upon entering (including this time wiping your Rune Pouches and Looting Bags) and offering storage on the island, with a slew of new rewards.


PvP System re-write

Note: PK'ers put your pitch forks down, I'm not touching the Combat system.

The PvP Reward system, well isn't very rewarding and can be extremely punishing because of it's backwards logic, we'll be retiring the Emblem Trader, similar to the Credit Manager he will be noted as "Legacy", and so will any relevant currencies to him (they will also be merged so you can spend them all), and a new system will be introduced, a smarter system.


The new system will be entirely PKP and bounties from Emblems, whilst the stores are different, the Bounty Hunter system will be receiving a task system in the near future, at the moment there's about 15 Different things that roll on a PvP Death and I think only 3 of them actually work.


World Boss remaster

What's the point of having a World Boss if it's not worth the time to go kill it? It's time for this to change, we'll be introducing new Bosses, new drop tables and additional events that can happen instead of a random rogue boss spawning around the world, your Trinkets are advised.


Daily Task System 2.0


Does logging in and doing these list of tasks or even trying to look fun? ofcourse not, half the tasks barely give you 20,000 BM, maybe a set of bandos if you're lucky.


The new system would have 2 Minigame, PvM and PvP, Misc per a tier (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite), and one of total to 24 Tasks a day, one of each tier will give double rewards.

Rewards for Completing all Tasks in a tier:

  • Easy
    • Donator mystery bag
  • Medium
    • Premium key of boxes
  • Hard
    • Donator mystery chest
  • Elite
    • Epic key of boxes
  • Completing all tiers
    • A random chest (Donator, Raids or Elite pet) small chance for an Epic elite mystery box instead.

Similarly to the Daily Donator rewards, these will be limited to 1 per an account, and the rewards for the tasks will be much greater then current, more aligned with the rest of the game.


Elite Dungeon

Elite Dungeons are mini-scaled raids, more focused on repeatability, then the big loot at the end of the Dungeon, I'd like to introduce the first Elite Dungeon, you'll find yourself travelling around a vast dungeon underneath Ancestral, with only a single other player... if they're up for it that is.


The only hint you'll have of this is - 


World Wars

World Wars are a Team vs Team event, active only on the week-ends (starting on Fridays through Monday), World Wars require atleast 4 people on each team (and alts will not be able to participate), the winning team will be rewarded with spoils the advertised reward each, unless it's a Golden World War.

Golden World War can only be activated by Community Managers or myself, and they offer anything from in-game rewards to the reward pool of real life cash being split to the winning team.



The break down of this thread:

  • Temple of Senntisten update will include:
    • Curses
    • The quest it's self
    • The missing item models from the Wilderness boss rework.
    • Zombie Island
    • Blighted slayer keys
    • Blighted slayer boss task
      • Including Hydra, Demonic Gorillas and more being moved to the Wilderness with new tables.
    • Crystal key revamp
    • Slayer key revamp
  • PvP System rewrite update will include
    • PVP Reward system
    • Legacy store
    • New PvP Currencies
  • Elite dungeon update will include
    • World Wars
    • Elite dungeon


and that isn't all!

Easter Event

The Easter event is aimed for mid-march (ready for the 9th of April), and will have similar systems to Runiques halloween system, Wilderness bosses, Safe bosses, tokens from various activities, and events that are only active at particular times in the day... did I mention that the rewards will be far more impressive? No? Then I won't talk about them yet.

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